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Lynnie's Genetic Woman's Guide to Transgenderism
My Rants


Who Am I?
Photos? Did you say Photos??
If HE is SHE, then what does that make ME?
The Do's and Don'ts of being a partner of a Trans-person...OR...KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY STUFF!
Finding out about your partner...A hypothetical re-inactment
Some GG views on THE LABELS
My Rants

Ok, I'm a genetic woman. What do I know, right? You'd be surprised at how many people will say that, either to me, or by extention of someone else. How sad it is that some people can say that even though I was born a woman, I can't possibly know what it is like for a person who was born as a woman, but in the wrong skin, to live within a society that doesn't allow for such dilemmas.
Wouldn't it be GREAT if people could recognize this? Wouldn't it be fantastic if the same people who asked that question "How could/can/should you" started asking "How can I have the same outlook?" Do I live in a dream world? NOPE...just thinking how nice it would be for others to accept what I have intergrated into my own life for such a long time now. How easy the world would be to live in if those people would only stop their biased opinions of things they know nothing about.

Yes, I am a chromosomal woman. 100% of the time. I have a strong side to me, though...stubborn to a fault (some of the time) and I bleed red blood, too. I don't see myself any different to my partner...who has a strong side, who is a bit less stubborn than I (but comes in a close second), and who also bleeds the same colour as me...the only difference is the packages that envelope us...for now, anyways. If only that could be enough for some.

Its a shame that we all can't live the way we deem necessary for our own survival...some succumb to society and live miserable lives. Others, like US, choose to live as we truly are...and take the consequences as they come. I guess it is a personal choice..but, I guess we all do what we have to do. I truly hope that someday we can live without society butting in it's nosey ass in the whole works. For now, I will end here...but come back often...I will be adding more (as time permits)

Until then, keep a smile on your face...and try to be happy!