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Lynnie's Genetic Woman's Guide to Transgenderism
Who Am I?

Hi!! I'm Lynnie, of the GWN (Thats "Great White North", in case you were wondering...)


Who Am I?
Photos? Did you say Photos??
If HE is SHE, then what does that make ME?
The Do's and Don'ts of being a partner of a Trans-person...OR...KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY STUFF!
Finding out about your partner...A hypothetical re-inactment
Some GG views on THE LABELS
My Rants

Ok, so your wondering who I am. Well, I am a genetic female, in a relationship with a wonderful, beautiful, amazingly sexy (is it getting hot in here??) Transsexual woman. I live in BEE-U-T-FUL Halifax, Nova Scotia (For those who haven't tried this place out, you really gotta try it...its truly amazing here) and have lived here for since August of 1999. I used to live in Boston (eeks! imagine the culture shock there, eh?) and I don't miss it for anything!! I am a registered nurse (Infection Control's not impressive, but it pays the bills), and I have lots of hobbies (too many to list...but if you ask me, I'll probably bore you with the whole lot of them). The people I have met here in Halifax have been SO fabulous, making my transition from "big city girl" to "quaint, laidback, not as hectic city girl" very easy and enjoyable. I have made alot of new friends, and met alot of different people here...I can't imagine how I lived my life without them!! :)

So I bet your wondering..."What is a genetic girl doing writing a page on Transgenderism??" WELL..I'm glad you asked!

The whole issue of Transgenderism is very often a misunderstood one...full of misconceptions and misinformation. I'd like to think I have a pretty good handle on what it means not only to others, but what it means to ME personally. So, in that light, I am aspiring to share the knowledge *I* have, from a Genetic Woman's point of view. I am very fortunate to have my Transsexual partner in my life...she is one of the most important people that I have. So, perhaps this page also shows my support and acceptance of her as well...a "twofer" deal, if you will.

So, pull up a piece of cyberspace, and read on...though my thoughts and musings may not match other Genetic women's views of all of this, they are my own, and only *I* can change your thoughts, comments, rants, ETC. are welcome here...but don't try to change my way of thinking...and respect my words for what they own. :)

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

My partner and I are involved in our community raising awareness to Trans issues and GLB issues as well. We both are members of a public speaking group that goes to Universities and places of business, discussing from a personal point of view what it is like to live not only as a trans couple, but a queer trans couple. I am an Executive member of a charitable fundraising organization that also raises GBLT awareness in our community.

My partner founded Atlantic Canada's FIRST Transgendered support group (ATG "Atlantic TransGender) and she, along with her friend Vanessa (whom doesn't speak to my partner anymore...LONGGG story...) brought together transgendered individuals in 4 Maritime provinces by letting these people know that NO..they WEREN'T alone.

There have been a few spinoff support groups since the initial founding of ATG in 1996, and we wish them luck in their endeavours. The main thing is that they all welcome Transgendered folks without predjudice or exclusion, and keep Jenn's idea of "Your NOT Alone" on the front burner. I feel that all transgendered folks in Atlantic Canada have something to thank Jenn for, if for nothing thank her for her insight and her passion for her own well being and personal growth...because it would be a very long time indeed for the folks in Atlantic Canada to come together the way they have without a catalyst such as Jennifer and Vanessa's, and their efforts, so long ago.

Bravo, Girls...:) (Even if you are still mad at us, Vanessa...*I* know what you have done)


I'll add to this later. I have so many favorite things, I have to think about it more!!