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Well, to ring in the New Year, I thought I'd re-do this page, new place...a nice way to start off the new millenium!

Glad you all could visit with me. My goodness, things have been VERY hectic with us since my last update. Southern Comfort in October was an absolute blast, Jenn and I had a wonderful time. We met alot of our online friends for the first time, and got to meet some that we hadn't known before. We also had a chance to speak with Jenn's SRS surgeon, and made some arrangements with him (I will be observing Jenn's SRS procedure in the operating room, and then doing a paper on it...hoping that I can get it published somewhere...being a medical professional does have some advantages...) and got to know him on a personal level as well.

The holidays were very nice for us...and the best thing is...WE GOT THROUGH THEM in ONE PIECE!! Wonderful! We rang in the New Year with some wonderful friends, and spent a nice quite New Year's Day together, watching movies. nice! :) We both hope that you and your families had a great holiday season as well!

I hope that you enjoy this new website, and I welcome your feedback!

I'll look forward to hearing from you between now and my next update!!

HUGS and LOVE to you all!


What's New?

Since EVERYTHING is new, I'll keep this free for now...but as I update and add things, check here first to see what's new!

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Visit the photo gallery for more pictures...I'll be updating often! Thanks!

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